ISAGEN was part of the Bibo meeting

ISAGEN hizo parte del Encuentro Bibo

How the private sector and nature can drive a green recovery? This was the question with which El Espectador summoned ISAGEN and other companies from the private sector, since we have a fundamental role to develop actions that face global challenges and to stop the loss of biodiversity by 2030.

To identify the role that the private sector plays for a green, fair and resilient economic recovery, the Bibo Meeting was held: “Solutions Based on Nature in the private sector: an opportunity for the reactivation of the economy and the recovery of health of the planet ”, with the presence of officials from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Alexander Von Humboldt Institute, WWF Colombia, ISAGEN, Nutresa, Alquería and Grupo Éxito.

There, Claudia Álvarez, ISAGEN's environmental director, on behalf of the Company, shared the actions that ISAGEN undertakes in the areas of influence, expressed the importance of supporting local resources and encouraging sustainable community projects and reiterated that “we understand that management of biodiversity contributes to having more sustainable territories and we must all participate”.